• Entrance to Lake Stephens
  • Lake Stephens Beach
  • Dusk at Lake Stephens

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Oct 4th – Lake Stephens Haunted Trail

From grisly murders and mysterious disappearances, to ghostly creatures that haunt, and ones that seem to like hunting, this hike has a dangerously exciting history that will get your adrenaline pumping. Even if you “think” you don’t believe in ghosts or the paranormal you may change your tune after this hike. Some avid hikers report getting so freaked out they wouldn’t dare attempt the the hike at night; and for others that’s the fun of it all. Just to see how far you can really go. More information >

Hiking, camping, fishing and boating.
Whatever your passion, Lake Stephens does it right.

Lake Stephens is a 2300-acre county park with a 272-acre pristine mountain lake and 1900 acres of hardwood forest. Great place for relaxing and enjoying the great outdoors. In addition to the park itself, Beckley and the surrounding area offer numerous cultural and recreational opportunities. The park is open May 1st to October 31st.